Our Firm

Mid-Atlantic Wealth Advisory Group works with individuals, businesses, foundations, pensions, trusts, and retirement plans to construct effective financial plans that can enable a person, business, or other entity to meet their goals.  We are an independent advisory practice offering securities through Cetera Advisor Networks.

Our team at Mid-Atlantic Wealth Advisory Group have expertise in personal financial planning, investment advisory, business planning, and group benefits.  Our detailed planning work is customized to each client's situation.  Most importantly, we have a structured process by which we assist clients to identify issues or opportunities, take action to move toward the desired outcome, and monitor each plan on an ongoing basis.

A bit on Cetera Advisor Networks:

Cetera Advisor Networks, formerly Financial Network Investment Corporation, was founded in 1983, a pioneer on the emergent independent-contractor broker-dealer scene. It was built on the belief that advisors could enjoy even greater success by joining high-performance teams offering local support and guidance, while sharing best practices across a nationwide network. From that belief, the firm's hallmark regional model was born.

What began with 13 regional directors has now grown to 60, spread throughout the United States but connected through Cetera Advisor Networks' home office in El Segundo, Calif. In 2010, the company became part of Cetera Financial Group and gained the ability to both expand its ground-breaking wealth management platform, first constructed in the 1990s, and also draw on substantially more resources through the scale and expertise of the collective Cetera organization.