Retirement Plans & Employee Benefits

Your business and your employees mean the world to you.  Let us help you to improve the effectiveness and cost of the benefits you provide.


Retirement Plans

As your partner, Mid-Atlantic Wealth Advisory Group can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of 401(k) plan options, costs, investments, disclosures, and fiduciary requirements.  We first help our clients to identify any gaps or opportunities with their existing retirement plan features and/or provider.  From there, we can structure actionable steps to improve the plan for the benefit of employer and employees alike.  We also have access to a host of the industry's top plan providers and are untethered from proprietary offerings.  This allows for objectivity to select a provider that suites your needs and to design an effective plan for you.  Our local office is further supported by Cetera's Retirement Plan Specialist division with 40+ professionals.  The Cetera team is a recipient of the prestigious Service Provider Excellence Certification from the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX)*. 



Health Insurance

You are fully aware of the monumental changes in the healthcare marketplace recently.  Our clients are all concerned over the impact of governmental legislation on their plan options and costs.  We can perform a straight-forward analysis of your current plan and offer options that may improve costs or network access.  We will work with you to gain an understanding of your company's health needs, and model options to meet your coverage goals.  This can include a host of options such as fully insured plans, level premium self-administered plans, and stop/loss coverage and administration.  Let us help you to uncover your options.


Ancillary Benefits

Our network of provider partners allow us to assist our corporate clients with the placement of group life, accident, and disability coverage along with dental, vision, supplemental medical or prescription drug plans.  We can also offer voluntary benefits (i.e.., life/accident, disability, critical illness, etc.).